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Corporate Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

UpMeals partners with reputable corporate clients to help provide a comprehensive wellness solution and find a suitable way to feed their employees.

Corporate companies that are mindful of their employees’ well-being have higher talent retention rates and employee satisfaction. Offering access to healthy food is a great way to boost the performance of corporate wellness plans.

UpMeals solutions are far more cost effective and convenient than traditional catering or meal delivery options, and are customized to fit the unique needs and goals of each community.

  • Customized Wellness Solution

    Customized wellness solution

    Our solutions are tailored to each individual organization to create the perfect custom program for them.

    We use our questionnaire system to gather information about dietary preferences, key dietary restrictions and other aspects of the company culture. With this information we create acustomized menu proposal full of healthy options for everyone.

  • Customized Wellness Solution

    Brand awareness

    All products are packaged and labeled to match each organization’s brand.

    Our in-house designers will work with you to create the best design for your UpMeals products so that your solutions can make a powerful impression on your community.

  • Customized Wellness Solution

    Accesibility made easy

    Our SmartVending solution is a great way to make healthy food accessible to employees at any time.

    The UpMeals exclusive software works with our vending kiosks to track the performance of each program and ensure customer satisfaction, making sure all products are properly stocked to meet demands and kept safe and fresh.

The machine itself, along with the user interface is designed to match your brand, and the interface is fully customizable so that you can use it for your company needs including announcements, advertising, and more.

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Meal Delivery Centralization

Meal Delivery Centralization

We partner with online brands and businesses offering meal prep and delivery services to centralize their production and shipping logistics. By doing this we help reduce the cost and effort of having to go through different third party services, which can add up quickly.

UpMeals provides streamlined production services from prep to delivery, allowing businesses to reach more customers and boost their sales with logistics that can keep up with their growth.



With access to our HACCP Certified production facility we can safely prepare products for distribution, and ensure that every order meets our quality standards before shipping.



Our in-house design team creates packaging and labels that showcase the company’s brand and all the necessary nutritional information for each product.



Once products are ready our operations team will ensure proper packing and safety measures for each order. The orders will then be handed to a trusted shipping company to ensure timely delivery to customers across Canada.

SmartVending Solutions

UpMeals SmartVending Solutions are an innovative model to provide safe access to fresh, healthy meals 24/7.

SmartVending Solutions

Our smart and interactive touch screens and vending kiosks work in alliance with our exclusive technology to meet the unique healthy food needs of each of our partners. Our software provides convenient, engaging, and insightful customer experience for our clients.

The SmartVending machines not only store and deliver the products, but they are also connected to the internet cloud, which allows access to valuable information like customer data, product information, customer experience, and pathways to purchase. This supports the machine in delivering products and services quickly, safely, and efficiently. The important data collected is used to assist with supply chain efficiency and marketing success for your brand.


Just like all meal packages, our SmartVending machines are designed and branded exclusively to match the image of each organization.

Safe and convenient

It provides safe access to healthy food 24/7.


Our solution can generate a new, profitable revenue stream or save money in comparison to catering or meal delivery services.


All packaging is recyclable or compostable. In addition, any meals that are removed by our staff when past their optimal freshness, are re-distributed to those in need within the same day thanks to our partnership with Vancouver Food Runners.


It works directly with our proprietary software to understand each community’s preferences so that we can provide rotating menus that meet their needs. By tracking the consumption tendencies of each company through our app, our clients can keep track of real-time sales and understand their program’s performance, and we can make sure that all their favourite items are properly stocked.

Custom R&D and Product Design

Meal Delivery Centralization

We want to offer our clients a well rounded, comprehensive wellness solution. To achieve this our team of chefs, nutritionists, and designers come together to create products that taste and look great, are clean, healthy, and balanced, and are packaged with custom designed, branded labels to match each partner brand.

  • Customized Wellness Solution

    Chef designed

    Our professional chefs come up with meals, snacks, and treats that not only meet the nutritional guidelines established by our registered nutritionists, but are also delicious, satisfying, and look great!

  • Customized Wellness Solution

    Nutritionist approved

    Our holistic nutritionists design the template for our products to meet the needs and requirements for different health goals, diets, and lifestyles. With their insight we can make informed choices regarding our ingredients, serving sizes, macronutrients, and other nutritional details to create balanced, healthy meals.

  • Customized Wellness Solution

    Branded and customized

    Our in-house design team creates custom packaging and labels that match the brand of each of our partners. With branded products our clients can boost brand awareness, increase their customer loyalty, and boost profit.