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Grubgrab has been acquired by UpMeals!

What does this mean? This means that we’ll be working with the fast-growing food-tech start-up to help bring our vision of convenient, healthy, and affordable meals across campus to reality.

Grubgrab has been acquired by UpMeals!


What is UpMeals?

UpMeals is a food-tech start-up on a mission to make healthy food accessible 24/7. How? UpMeals provides customized, branded, ready-to-eat meals to offices, schools, gyms, residential buildings, and more! Better yet, the meals are made available 24/7 through innovative touch screen SmartVending Machines.

What is UpMeals?


Aligning with UpMeals

Grubgrab started with the simple belief that healthy, delicious, and affordable meals should be easy to find on campus. We believe UpMeals is the future of healthy food on campus and that’s why we’ve taken this opportunity to join their team and remain steadfast in our dedication to bring nutritious, delicious, and affordable meals to students everywhere.


Can you still order through Grubgrab?

The short answer is no, but that doesn’t mean we’re not working towards bringing you fresh, healthy meals very soon. All we can say for now is keep an eye out for UpMeals at your favourite campus library and your favourite business school in the very near future!

Where can we go for updates?

Follow us @upmeals for recipes, wellness tips, giveaways, and of course all updates regarding fresh, healthy, and delicious food coming near you. Be sure to also join our mailing list for updates and latest news by subscribing with your name and email below:

Where can we go for updates?

Finally, UpMeals at your door!

We’re launching our own meal subscription service that will bring healthy, chef-created meals right to your doorstep.